Best Dog Dryers Reviews

Shelandy 3.2 HP Stepless Adjustable Speed Pet Hair Force Dryer
Output power: 2400W adjustable / Voltage 110/120V
Stepless adjustable airflow speed: 25M/S-60M/S and 2 temperature options
Advanced designed for lower noise,Four layer noise reduction device at air inlets.
Free Paws High-Power Pet Grooming Hair Dryer
If You Need the Pet Shower Grooming Glove in the video, please kindly refer to the PROMOTION and add both to cart then get the glove WITHOUT Cost When You Clear the Payment
Lifetime Warranty! We Provide Replacement Parts as Carbon Brush, Hose, Nozzles, Filter, ct. If parts could not solve the problem, we will resend you a new item.
Full or adjustable airflow speed setting, Stepless adjustable airflow speed: 4921FPM-11023FPM
Amzdeal Dog Hair Dryer
he dog hair dryer is specially for dry excess water of pet fur after shower, give your lovely pet a thorough dry from the base to the follicle, ideal for home and salon use.
This pet grooming dryer adopt the new generation of noise reduction device
Stepless changeable wind speed up to 68m/s

Best dog dryers

We would do almost anything for our pooches. We invest in good food, a lot of toys and even grooming products are necessary. Shampoos, moisturizers for paws, and whatever else you can think of. At the same time, one of the things that come in handy is a dog dryer. There are multiple reasons you should own one, which is why I recommend that you invest in one of the best dog dryers you can find.

A dog dryer is like a hair blower but for pets. It delivers warm or hot air so that your pet can return to your bed dry. I do not believe I have to tell you how unpleasant it is to find a wet spot on your bed or on any other piece of furniture because your dog came out of the shower wet. I have been there, and that is why I bought a dog dryer. No more wet spots around the house.

The benefits of using a dog dryer

Purchasing a dog dryer is useful for more than one reason. Yes, there is the wet spot on the couch, but there are other things that make you think of buying a dog dryer. Here are the reasons I bought the best dog dryer I found:

  • I hated the wet spots on my bed – my dog sleeps on the bed with me. I am totally fine with it, and she is considerate enough to not disturb while I sleep. However, every time my dog was given a bath, she would jump straight on my bed. Wherever she would sit, there used to be a large moist area that would be terribly annoying. I had to change the sheets, even when maybe I was too tired for it. Ever since I bought the dog dryer, however, that is no longer the case. My beloved pooch does not leave the bathroom wet at all.
  • There is less hair – I suppose that you very well know that when you wash your hair, and it is still wet, you shed a lot more of it. That is why it is recommended to not comb your hair unless it is at least 80% dry. The same principle applies to dogs. My boxer, for example, used to leave a ton of needle-like hair everywhere she went after her shower. On the bed, couch, on the floor, and so on. It used to be anywhere. However, the blower makes sure that that does not happen. Not as much, anyway. Since the fur is dry when she leaves the bathroom, and since all the hair that was supposed to fall falls in the bathroom, the rest of the house remains cleaner for longer.
  • My dog does not get dirty again after her shower – when the fur is damp, dust and other particles will adhere to it faster. But since the coat is entirely dry after using a dog dryer, your dog will not get dirty as quickly as before. This applies mostly to dogs who live in a house with a yard.
  • It protects the dog from getting a cold – in the summer, there is no issue if your pooch is wet. The warm temperature outside will protect your dog against a cold. In the winter, however, that no longer applies. You need to keep your dog inside after he or she gets a bath. But with a dog dryer, you do not have to anymore. Your dog can get outside right after you dry his or her coat.
  • It is better than a regular hair blower – before buying my first dog dryer, I used to dry my dog’s fur using the hair blower that I bought for myself. It was not bad, but it cannot even begin to compare to a dog dryer. I mean, it did a pretty good job for the top coat, but the layer underneath would stay damp. The hair blower designed for humans cannot reach it as well as something that is specially designed for that particular purpose.

How to choose the best dog dryer?

When you look for a grooming product for yourself, you look at several models and choose one according to what features you want. The same goes for a dog dryer. It needs to satisfy the needs of your dog’s fur. After all, not all dogs have the same kind of coat. Some have a double layer, some are short-haired, and some have very long hair. Depending on which of those characteristics your dog have, you can choose the best dog dryer. However, you should look at other things such as the following:

  • Power – the stronger the dog dryer, the faster it will get the job done. Of course, today’s technology allows you to choose a product that has does not use much power, and still manages to have an output power more than satisfactory. Usually, I would recommend a 2400 W because I think it is more than enough. Of course, there are products out there that are stronger, but they cost more. Ultimately, the choice is yours.
  • Adjustable speed – just as I like that my hair blower has two speeds, I like just as well that dog dryers have adjustable rates. This feature comes in handy sometimes. Maybe you are busy at times, and you do not have the time to blow dry your dog slowly.
  • Adjustable temperature – just as with the speed, I recommend that you go for a dog dryer that has two temperature settings. When it is cold outside, you can use the higher temperature setting, and your dog becomes dry faster. In the summer, you can use the low setting. Of course, when the temperature is on a high setting, your dog gets dry more quickly. It is pretty logical.
  • The level of decibels – maybe you remember a while back when several manufacturers introduced silent vacuum cleaners. I remember that I loved that. Not being able to hear anything else than the vacuum was awful. It goes the same with the dog dryer. You probably do not want one that makes a horribly loud noise. Read the specifications, and if the noise level exceeds 80 dB, you should probably skip it.
  • Several nozzles – since not all dogs are alike, you may need a particular nozzle for your dog. At the same time, it does not make sense to produce a dog dryer meant for one specific breed. That is why you should go for a dog dryer that comes with more than one nozzle. That way, you have options, and you can try the one that works best for your dog’s fur.

What are the best dog dryers?

I have only bought one so far, and it has served me very well since I bought it. However, there are many models out there that are just as or even better than the one I purchased. If you do not want to look for them yourself, I reviewed three of them so you can make an easy choice. They are not the cheapest or the most expensive, and they can be used on almost all dog breeds. Enjoy!

Shelandy 3.2 HP Stepless Adjustable Speed Pet Hair Force Dryer

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I chose to start with this one because the Shelandy model is the one I bought for my dog. My boxer is short-haired, obviously, and this model works like a charm. At the same, you can buy it at a pretty low price, and you get more quality than you would expect. Here I am, almost a year after my purchase, and the dryer works like the first time I bought it.

The Shelandy dog dryer comes with a powerful and stable motor, and you can use it to dry any dog whether it is a tiny chihuahua or a huge Saint Bernard. The product is equipped with a heater so that you can use any temperature setting is best for your dog. You can even turn the heater off and dry your dog at environmental temperature. The time you put in drying your dog is very short. Just to have a clear picture, if it takes about 30-40 minutes to normally blow dry a Golden Retriever, with the Shelandy dog dryer, that amount goes down to just half. It is that good.

You can even adjust the speed on the dryer. Smaller dogs will get scared if the dryer blows air too fast, which is why this adjustable speed feature comes in handy. At the same time, you can go full speed on a dog with long hair. Furthermore, the product is very quiet and comes with four levels of noise reduction. As for the nozzles, the Shelandy dog dryer comes with four of them. You can use the one that best suits your dog. Other than that, the Shelandy dog dryer is one of the best dog dryers you can find in this price range. I strongly recommend it.

Free Paws High-Power Pet Grooming Hair Dryer

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This one is a bit more expensive than the previous product. In fact, it is about double, but the Free Paws dog dryer can be used at home, as well as professionally. It has a 4 HP motor that guarantees to dry your dog as fast as it can possibly be done. After all, isn’t that what you are looking for in the best dog dryer?

As for features, the Free Paws comes with about the same features as the previous product. You can adjust its airflow speed setting so that all breeds are comfortable with it. The setting can be changed without stopping the device, and it can run from 4921 FPM to 11023 FPM. The airflow is not the only feature that can be adjusted. The temperature can also be changed. You can choose to turn off the heat completely, and if you want to turn it on, you can select the 96 degrees or the 167 degrees Fahrenheit.

Unlike the previous product, the Free Paws dog dryer comes with only three nozzles, but you get a 7-finger nozzle that is meant to decrease the noise of the dryer and the force of the airflow. I believe it is very useful, and if you have a small but fluffy dog, this is the kind of nozzle you need.

Amzdeal Dog Hair Dryer

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Last but not least, the Amzdeal is yet another product that I think you will like. It can be used both at home and in a professional grooming salon, and it gets the job done in a timely manner. It does not make loud noises, only 78 dB, which is ideal for pets that get scared quickly, but it can reach the undercoat of your dog efficiently.

The Amzdeal is very easy to use. You can change the airflow speed setting up to 68 m/s, and it comes with a heater. The temperatures you can choose from are warm, 85 degrees F, and hot, 140 degrees F. You can use this dog dryer during all season without your dog catching a cold.

When you purchase the Amzdeal dog dryer, you will get 4 nozzles that satisfy all the demands of dog owners. That way, you can use it to style your dog just as you wish without too much hassle. As a bonus, the manufacturer designed the device so that your hand does not get tired too fast when you dry your pet. Not that you must do it for very long, but if you use it professionally, your hands may get tired.

My recommendation

While I already own the Shelandy model, if I were to choose another dog dryer, I would go with the Free Paws High-Power Pet Grooming Hair Dryer. It has a powerful motor that can get my dog dry in just 10 minutes, and it has all the features I like to see in one of the best dog dryers on the market.


No matter which product you choose, a dog dryer will prove to you that it is most useful when you have pets. The good thing about dog dryers is that they can be used on almost anything with fur, so if you want to purchase one for your pet, go ahead. You will not be disappointed. Click here to buy on Amazon

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